Regatta Group attains 1% stake in DVS IT Development; worth Rs. 5.16 Cr.

Rapidly rising online education star DVS IT Development Private Limited through their new upcoming project “OEA | Padho khel khel mein” has sold a 1 percent stake to Regatta Solution (P) Limited. As per valuation report by Especia Associates LLP, New Delhi 1% stake worth rupees 5.16 cr. Regatta Group which is indian multinational company added a shoulder to OEA | Padho khel khel mein project by holding its share.

Mr. Gagan Talwar (CEO & Founder, Regatta Group), yesterday declare that now Regatta Solution (P) Limited holds 1 % share with DVS IT Development (P) Limited. Mr. Talwar also said that it “I am thankful to Mr. Vakeel Ahmed (CEO of DVS IT Development (P) Limited) who approaches us for this wonderful proposal. Dividend which we are going to receive from this Share will be distributed (30%) to Employees of Regatta Technologies.”

DVS has just published an beta level application named, “OEA | Padho Khel-Khel Mein” which provide an excellent platform to the learners. This application is very useful for the students who are preparing for medical, engineering, government jobs & Technology learners etc. It also contains all the courses of IT like Java, PHP, .net, python etc. Apart from this 1 %; next week Regatta Group & DVS IT is also planning to share profit of 45% (Regatta) & 55% (DVS IT) on IT courses of Project OEA | Padho khel khel mein.

As per agreement signed between Mr. Gagan Talwar (founder, Regatta Group), Ms. Vandna Sharma (MD, Regatta Group), & Mr. Vakeel Ahmed (CEO, DVS IT Development) on Wednesday 05, 2017, Regatta Technologies will be working on OEA | Padho khel khel mein Project with the policy of No Profit & No Loss. This policy will help in the growth and development of both the companies.

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